Welcome, this site was created to share crafting ideas to spread God’s Word.  Crafters can direct their passion for crafting and give it purpose with serving Jesus.  This is a way of taking God out of the church on Sundays and working with Him daily.  We want to use our gifts from God for the glorification of His work and Son.   Here are some ideas to get you started and ways that you can use your crafts to ‘bump’ others to Jesus.  These ideas can be used by Women’s Ministry to do outreach as well as ‘inreach’ to care for the church community.  Some of use have replaced lunch getogethers with crafting in our homes together.

All the directions are free and can be used for local fundraisers, gifting hurting people, and assisting Mission groups to spread God’s Word and love.  This is a great site to use by homeschoolers to teach a craft, while reinforcing: the power of giving, math, science, and business lessons.

We have suggestions for forming or improving your local group as well as a place to share some God Stories.    While focusing on helping others, we had two women join our small group first to check out the crafts, then our bible study, which lead them to church and baptism.  They are the only Christians in their families which are noticing that their lives are being transformed and they live with more peace and joy.  The curious are now checking things out at church with them.

Suggestions for reaching out into your own community are listed under Local Outreach.   You’ll be able to contact us via the Comments page.  A blog has been added to see what’s new.  We will not be asking for or handling money.  There are existing non-profit groups established to do God’s will through Jesus.

We don’t have all the answers but we do know that Jesus is the son of the only living God and He is a big God and Jesus is the only way to God.  Welcome to this God adventure.

Note: The directions shown above are for making parachutes for dropping bibles in Columbia, iron on hearts for the memory bears made out of loved ones clothing, and the ‘Be Still, Let God’ original bracelet which is given out with bible verse cards.