Fruit of the Spirit Tote Bags

These tote bags were inspired by a Beth Moore Bible Study called ‘Living Beyond Yourself’.  The main focus was the Fruit of the Spirit.  Over the years, we have refined some of the definitions and reviewed them with one of our Pastors to ensure Biblical truth.  This bag can hold multiple books, folders, and a drink with snacks.  The length is great where when holding in your hand; it will not touch the ground.  The straps are long enough to carry over your shoulder.  The best part is the iron on bible verse with the practical every day application.

This bag would be great for a fund raiser, baptism gift, or even a welcome to a Women’s bible study.  We have reached out to girls in the foster care program with personal hygiene items, journals, and devotionals.  How nice would it be to package them in this tote bag.  To see the directions and access the free patterns go to Tote Bag.  We also have included a Cost and Tip page that has a detailed breakdown for costs.  Using quilting tools such as a rotary cutter makes this an easy project.  Think of blessing the female staff of your church by having your quilting group whip these up.  Have fun and replace the 3” finishing print at the top with a pieced quilting strip.

The key to Bible study is to read the bible, believe what you read, and do what it says.   Here is the bible verse with applications to remember.

 But the Fruit of the Spirit is

Love,  Living beyond yourself, respond to others needs (not wants)

Joy,  Celebrate your unearned favor from God

Peace,  Absence of fear and turmoil, God is in control

Patience, Refrain from avenging yourself

Kindness,  Show yourself useful, volunteer

Goodness,  Stand for good, do kingdom work on carnal ground

Faithfulness,  Believe God’s Truth not your feelings

Gentleness &  Power under control

Self-Control.  Restrain your emotions ,wants, & will; do God’s will

 Against such things there is no law.  Galatians 5:22-23

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Child Dedication Bracelets

Bracelet mounted inside card

We are excited to share the Child Dedication bracelet and card with you.  This started in a round the bout way.  A friend had asked us to make bracelets for her nieces that are out of the country.  We made the ‘Jesus loves you’ bracelets and placed the Hello Kitty charm since that was their favorite character.  This was a simple and fun way of reinforcing Jesus to them.

While serving in the office at Church, Monica heard the staff wonder what would be an appropriate gift for the Child Dedication Ceremony.  The few things available commercially were expensive and did not have enough meaning to fill the need of that ministry.  Monica thought it would be better if the bracelet was ‘Jesus loves me’, instead of  ‘Jesus loves you’, which we all agreed.  We put our thinking hats on, after we prayed for guidance, and came up with the verses, card artwork, bracelet holder, and colorful holder in less that two hours.  Believe me, we are not that good and were at awe of how well it turned out and how quickly.  Our God is awesome!

Finished card with rainbow closure

The design was submitted to the church with explanation that this was our first go through, and we could change the artwork, verses, font, colors, what ever they would like.  To our surprise, they loved it.  God is good and when He has a plan with willing hands, it’s amazing how things can fall together.

Check out the instructions, costs & products, and time savers located elsewhere on this site.  Let us know if we can be of any help in you starting this ministry at your church.  Be prepared to have fun and bless others with the simple use of your hands and will to serve God!

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Be Still, Let God and hospice

While we were in Arizona this winter, I prayed with and gave one of my lady friends (Beth), a “Be Still Bracelet” to support her during the transition to the Lord of her no. 2 adult daughter (who resided in another state) that was deteriorating from throat cancer.  She expressed appreciation for the gift, comprehension of her stress and the need to keep the Lord as her focus.  Beth did wear the bracelet daily until she sent it to her dieing daughter out of state for her comfort.  Beth’s #1 daughter was going for a final visit before Beth’s planned to, so the gift was carried with love from Mother through daughter to daughter/sister.  She received the gift with pleasure and joy which was captured in a picture for the family in a third state.

Beth informed me of this series of events last night at the memorial service for her #2 daughter who is now at rest. She thanked me for the little piece of hope for salvation and comfort with the bible verse cards that she was able to share with her wayward daughter.

The rest of the story is hands of the Lord where it belongs.  Without judgment we all prayed for reconciliation and salvation for this young women as friend of this grieving family.

Thank you for the tools to love on these women God’s way.

Your Sister in Christ.

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Sleeping Mats

     Our dear friends Jon and Anne Obermeyer are blessing children again with the Haiti Care Mission.  They asked if a pattern and directions could be made to standardize mats that have been made all over the US that they are shipping to Haiti.  For more information about Jon and Anne go to our Missionary page.  Prayerfully consider helping them by sewing mats, pillowcase dresses, and diapers, or with financial support.

     Some children are still afraid to sleep in buildings and others have no buildings to sleep in or any way of securing their belongings.  This sleeping mat has a shoulder strap and ties so the mat can be carried easily during the day.  A vapor barrier has been added for $.39 to extend the life of the mat and for comfort during use.  Most of these mats are used on the ground.  If just one corner is exposed to water, that can ruin a night’s sleep as the water is wicked by the fabric through the entire sleeping mat.

Check out the new pages added to this site.  The overview of the mat is here with ideas of how it can be used to ‘bump people to Jesus’.  The step by step directions as well as costs and tips are also covered.

This is a great project for quilters and quilting groups to do.  With the size of 24″ by 60″ these will be easy and quick to do.  The same time and material it takes to make a lap quilt or a crib quilt will result in two sleeping mats.  These mats can be vacuum packed and placed in suitcases for church groups to take with them as gifts on their outreach missions.

Also consider using them for fundraisers.  Just as TOMS Shoes sends a pair of shoes overseas for every pair purchased, how nice would it be to sell these mats and price them so that the costs would cover making a second mat to send with Jon and Anne to Haiti or with your local church and their upcoming mission trip.  I pray you enjoy this project as much as we did, and have fun serving God and others with your hands.

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Rings to remind you fo God's Word

Who would have thought, nose rings in the bible; what’s new is old and old is new.  Now use Shrinky Dinks for Jesus to make plastic finger rings.  One style can be used with the ‘Be Still, let God’ bible verses under bracelets and the other says ‘Got Fruit?’ and then has the Spirit Fruit listed on the ring.  Here are the directions for making these rings.  Also are included detailed costs, products and tips information along with a video showing how to form the hot plastic into the ring shape.  These rings cost less than a dollar to make and are addictive to make and hand out.  The gold edging is a nice way to dress up the plastic.  We’ll be adding new rings to the site soon.

Just as the word bracelets are an ice breaker and an easy way to start a conversation about God, so are these rings.  To make them more generic we have three sizes that can be made at a time, size 5, 8, and 10.  To test them out and see if adults would be interested in them, I brought them to church.  My buddies liked them and scooped a few up.  I was introduced to a woman visiting from Africa who only spoke French.  None of us speak French.  Our friend met her when he was shoveling snow.  The Holy Spirit told Frank to go help her out with the snow.  Good thing he did because she had never seen snow before.  She was staying at her son’s house, he was out of town, and this was her first experience with snow.  I showed her the rings and offered them to her.  She chose the ‘Be Still, Let God’ with the sun.

She wanted to worship God and trusted herself with new friends.  The courage to be in a foreign land and not speak the language but have a heart to seek out God and get in a stranger’s car to go to church.  Sad to say, I don’t think I would have had her courage to do the same.  Even though there was a language barrier, there was a lot of pointing to God up above, to the heart, smiles, and hands fonded in appreciation.  She even joined us for dinner and then again the following week to church.  God is good and great!

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Men’s Jewelry

     We’ve added a leather Men’s Wrist Band, with free easy directions, and bible verse for: healing, outreach use, easy way to evangelize, and fund raising.  This is an easy reminder of God’s Word, bible verse included, stating that men are not alone and He loves them.  It’s easy to overlook the pain that our men suffer from.  Sad to say, but sometimes we are the source.  They are so busy being strong, that we forget they are still little boys inside.  Most of our earth fathers fall short of our Godly Father and cause a barrier.  Use this simple wrist band as a way to reach out and let the men in your life know they matter, are loved, and have help – their Father, the one and only Living God.

Words are a continual reminder

These bands can be used to reinforce lessons learned through various Care Ministries such as substance abuse, anger issues,  gambling, and pornography addiction.  It will have additional meaning for them to walk through each hour with God; reminding them they are not alone.

The words on the band also are noticed by others and give a starting point of conversation about God,  His son Jesus, the price He paid for us, and how we now are God’s adopted children through Jesus.   3-6How blessed is God! And what a blessing he is! He’s the Father of our Master, Jesus Christ, and takes us to the high places of blessing in him. Long before he laid down earth’s foundations, he had us in mind, had settled on us as the focus of his love, to be made whole and holy by his love. Long, long ago he decided to adopt us into his family through Jesus Christ. (What pleasure he took in planning this!) He wanted us to enter into the celebration of his lavish gift-giving by the hand of his beloved Son.  Ephesians 1:3-6 (The Message)  This is a great way for us to start practicing opening our mouths for Jesus our bro.

We pray that this also helps men reclaim their God given position in the family to protect and direct the family unit.  Men have to talk to their wives and children about God.  Stop letting TV and movies steal the position of leadership from men.  If aliens saw our shows, they would think  the only purpose of men was sperm, sports, and speed.  Men are so much more uniquely designed by God.  Just like Jesus is the groom to the church and protects and gives direction, so should the husband to his wife and children.  The wife is a unique helper designed for her man coming out of his side, not to be ruled over or fight with but to help.  Together they are more than one; joined with God they are unstoppable.

The directions for making this wrist band can be found at Men’s Be still and costs and where to get the supplies at costs and products.  We pray that this is a simple tool that can be used to reinforce God’s Word and help with it’s healing ability.


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Making Memory Bears

We have added Memory Bears under Crafts/Sewing.  This is a great way of comforting others by making a teddy bear out of the loved ones clothing.  Check out the easy to follow detailed directions as well as the video showing how easy it is to use a rotary cutter and foamcore board as templates to replace scissors and pins.

I had never heard about memory bears until a friend asked for help.  She had lost her much loved mother around Thanksgiving and wanted to gift the ten adult grandchildren with memory bears.  These are teddy bears made out of the clothing of a loved one.  Some sites on the web will make these with the person’s name, date of birth, and date of death.  We wanted to celebrate her live, going to heaven, and give those left behind permission to enjoy the first Christmas without her.

God is good and inspired us to put His Word on a heart that we ironed onto the bears.  We used ‘Do everything with love. 1 Corinthians 16:14 NLT’  This soon became a labor of love that we called the ’10 Bears of Christmas’.  We were able to make and deliver a bear a day to our friend.  We would go to her office and leave them on her chair, on the desk, and even stuffed one in her mailbox.  He looked so cute with his head and one arm sticking out.  One day I got there a little too late and the office was dark and locked.  I looked up and said, “God you told me to do this so how am I going to get this bear on her chair?”  As soon as I asked, the assistant to the Top Dog popped out of the bathroom.  I explained what I was doing and how I wanted to get into that office.  She had a pass key that just happen to work.  She did not even know if it would work until she tried it.  I told her she was an answer to a prayer.  I left out some of the sarcasm that was in my voice when I asked Him for help, sorry about that God.  Even though the task seemed impossible to do, we were able to get all ten bears done in time.  Originally we committed to two so at least a photo could be placed in a card with a delivery date after Christmas.

The bears worked perfectly in God’s plan for this family.  Our friend told us that her father had found a hand written note in their bible.  The wife had jotted down moments in her life that God was there for her and her family.  She also wrote down scripture addresses next to each event or family miracle.  She finished up the note with a statement of life filtering down to love and doing everything with love.  The father had the letter restored and make copies with the bible verses added to the addresses for each of her children.  Our friend then followed that up with distributing the bears to the grandchildren.

This was done at a Christmas party on the 23rd.  This allowed for celebration of a loved ones life, her love of the Lord and family, and no doubt that she was in heaven.  It also cleared the way to celebrate Christmas and the love that God showed us by sending down His one and only begotten son with joy.  We enjoyed Christmas more by showing others love and found time to make the bears by not putting up secular decorations and then having the task of taking them down.

My prayer is that others will get together and make these bears with bible verse to comfort others that are left behind when their loved ones go on to heaven.  This would be a fun ministry to start at a church and would bring joy to all.

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God’s Healing Power

God is Good and Great and is our Living God.  Below is a series of emails with the Great God news just received today.  We don’t always know what the results of our work for the Lord is, but every now and then He pulls back the curtain to reveal it to us.  Here is the result of stepping out with the “Be Still, Let God’ bracelet, but more importantly the power of the bible verses, prayer and God’s power and love.


—– Forwarded Message —–
From: “Sent: Monday, January 10, 2011 1:06 PM
Subject: Re: Awe Struck

We are giving Praise to the Lord this day!!!!!!!!!!

I received word yesterday that M who wrote the messages below has received AWESOME news from her doctor.   The inoperable brain cancer that she was being treated and prayed for has gone into complete remission.  As of her Jan 2011 tests, there is no detectable evidence that there is cancer in her brain or body.

Although she will continue to take mild oral cancer therapy for the next few weeks and get tested in 6 months, the doctor is claiming a successful remission of M’s cancer.  Praise God!

I am sending you the whole (but with the names edited) conversation with M for your use. It reads from the bottom up.  J told me M was always wearing the bracelet since she was given it in Sept.  4 months later, proper medicine, thousands of prayers and petitions focused on our ALMIGHTY MERCIFUL GOD and our Sister in Christ has been Healed.  I am again humbled and grateful for our AWESOME FATHER’S power to love and prosper us, in-spite of our weakness.

I just had to tell you and my sister.  I knew you both would share my Joy and Praise to the ALMIGHTY for letting us be an instrument and resource of Faith for M.



—– Forwarded Message —–
From: “Sent: Saturday, September 18, 2010 1:27:27 PM
Subject: Re: Awe Struck

Friend M:

I am both pleased and honored that the bracelet has brought you comfort and awareness of our Lords’ love and presence in your life during this very stressful illness you are enduring.  It is but a trinket to remind you to put and keep your faith in God’s perfect plan to prosper you.  We don’t know nor do we understand His process for our life but we must trust in Him especially when it is hardest on us.

My prayers for restoration of your health will continue because we are connected as Sisters in Christ. Your willingness to share the bracelet in faith and compassion for others reflects your awareness of the connection we all need to cultivate with Jesus Christ and each other.

Yes, I will provide our mutual friend J with the outreach bracelets that you have requested.  Feel free to request more as you recognize that your Hope and Trust in GOD can be shared with others through witness and prayer.  I know I have.

Thank you for the privilege of being of service to you.  May God Bless you strongly this day.

Your Sister in Christ, K


—– Original Message —–
From: “Sent: Friday, September 17, 2010 11:04:44 AM
Subject: Awe Struck

Dear K

I am at a lost for words over your generosity and kindness.  Truly, I am struggling not to break down in tears over your Be Still and Let God gift.  The bracelet is gorgeous and I haven’t taken it off.  The passages are inspiring and I read them daily.  What an incredible gift from a “stranger” with special connections through your family and J.  I am so humbled by your gifts and prayers for my healing.  Honestly, it breaks my heart and I am so inspired by you.  You are truly a messenger of God.  I can’t even begin to thank you, but I can pray for you and ask God to bless you and your family.

I would like to share your beautiful gift with a friend of ours who is struggling with cancer herself.  I gave J some money to purchase 2 of these gifts.  I would love to have them for a divine appointment to bless others.  I understand you see our friend on Mondays.  Maybe this would be possible if you have some in stock.

Thank you – you are an Angel of God

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Be Still Bracelets Added

Hello crafters, welcome to our first post.  The ‘Be Still, Let God’ bracelets sections are complete.  As you go through the site, you can see that to cast the vision, some areas are partially filled or not started yet.  Even though not complete, we are still able to start people sewing dresses for the Philippines for delivery in May 2011.  A new sewing group is starting in Saginaw, MI to take diapers and dresses to Haiti in May 2011 also.  I love seeing God do things in His timing even though it may not seem like our timing.

The bracelets are the first outreach project that was started in 2007.  To date we have made and delivered over 300.  When delivered as gifts to troubled teens in Vista Marie,   they said it was an ‘extremely meaningful’ gift.

Each bracelet comes with six bible verses; three that speak to being still and trusting God, and three that speak to why you can trust Him.

The bracelets have little monetary value on purpose.  They were designed to draw attention to the statement of Faith.  It draws upon the power that is unfolded by believing in GOD’S WORD.   Reading and sharing His Word blesses both the gifter and recipient.

So many people have been told that they are worthless, and unfortunately abortion reinforces that false sentiment.  In our multi-tasking, electronic world of email and texting, we don’t have the opportunity to look each other in the eye and say you matter.  These simple bracelets along with God’s Word can make a difference to someone.  Who knows, it can be an answer to a pray of, “Show me you’re listening and care God.”  Even the way the verses and bracelet are packaged in a vellum envelope and secured with a gold cord says you’re special.  I usually place the last verse card in backwards so you can see something through the vellum on the front and back.

The Be Still Bracelet section has lists of materials required, where to get them, detailed cost sheets, instructions for making the Original and a Modern version, and a template and instructions for making your own vellum envelopes.  We’ve even have added a story under the God Stories.

One of the best way to get your brain off of yourself and your problems is to reach out and help someone else.  I pray that you find this craft as enjoyable and healing as we have.  May you be a blessing to someone this day.  Who knows, you may be the angel of Faith that God sent in answer to a prayer.

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