This ministry started about three years ago in 2007 when I made a simple bracelet saying ‘be still, let God’ to help me cope with a rebellious son.  While on a trip to Israel with a church group, one woman had fears of flying home and asked me to sing praise songs with her on the bus.  I cannot carry a tune, but sang my best to calm her.  I knew this was not working, so I got on my knees in the seat in front of her to face her and gave her the simple bracelet I had made for myself and explained the bible verses that it reminded me of.  I was almost ashamed to offer it to her since it was very child like looking, but with God’s love she looked at it as if it was made of gold and humbly accepted it.

     It calmed her for the flight and she continued to wear it until the following week when she attended a funeral for her Father-in-law.  He had passed unexpectedly and she was able to pass the bracelet on to his daughter to give her comfort. 

     I then started making up the bracelets with the bible verses printed on card stock.  I would wear the bracelet and carry the bible verse and when ever anyone would comment on the bracelet and ask what it meant, I would tell them about the comfort I got in knowing I was not alone, I had a big living God who loved me so much He sent His only son Jesus to provide a way to heaven for us by paying for our sins, and more importantly I did not have to figure everything out, that God was in control.  I then would give the bracelet I was wearing along with the bible verses in my purse to the person I was very easily witnessing to.  I was raised a Catholic so religion was a private matter that was not discussed with others.

     My girlfriend liked this so much that she started helping me make these bracelets and we have now made close to 300.  Some have gone over seas to missionaries, some while we have been on vacation, and others to local groups as part of the church outreach group.  Last year 38 went with some of our women to Grace Center of Hope to comfort those women in a bible study.  Grace Center of Hope is the largest privately funded homeless shelter that help people reclaim their life with the help of Jesus and walking with them for more than a year to give them a hand up not just a hand out.  Our women were able to encourage them that we all have trials, but with Jesus on our side, we could make it.  This year 50 bracelets are on there way to Vista Marie which is a shelter for girls that have started out life poorly and have made poor choices.

    One recent woman that received a bracelet sent us a heart felt thank you note.  She was bravely battling brain cancer.  (She’s healed!  Read God’s Healing Power.)  When my friend passed it to her friend to then pass it onto this woman she was so touched.  To think that strangers, would take the time to make something for her to give her comfort and let her know God loved her, was more than words could express.  Friends and loved ones struggled with how to comfort, and here strangers with God’s words filled the gap.  We don’t know which seeds will take, but it is fun scattering then and leaving it up to God.