God’s Healing Power

     God is Good and Great and is our Living God.  Below is a series of emails with the Great God news just received today.  We don’t always know what the results of our work for the Lord is, but every now and then He pulls back the curtain to reveal it to us.  Here is the result of stepping out with the “Be Still, Let God’ bracelet, but more importantly the power of the bible verses, prayer and God’s power and love.


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From: “Sent: Monday, January 10, 2011 1:06 PM
Subject: Re: Awe Struck

 We are giving Praise to the Lord this day!!!!!!!!!!

 I received word yesterday that M who wrote the messages below has received AWESOME news from her doctor.   The inoperable brain cancer that she was being treated and prayed for has gone into complete remission.  As of her Jan 2011 tests, there is no detectable evidence that there is cancer in her brain or body. 

Although she will continue to take mild oral cancer therapy for the next few weeks and get tested in 6 months, the doctor is claiming a successful remission of M’s cancer.  Praise God!

 I am sending you the whole (but with the names edited) conversation with M for your use. It reads from the bottom up.  J told me M was always wearing the bracelet since she was given it in Sept.  4 months later, proper medicine, thousands of prayers and petitions focused on our ALMIGHTY MERCIFUL GOD and our Sister in Christ has been Healed.  I am again humbled and grateful for our AWESOME FATHER’S power to love and prosper us, in-spite of our weakness.

 I just had to tell you and my sister.  I knew you both would share my Joy and Praise to the ALMIGHTY for letting us be an instrument and resource of Faith for M.



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Subject: Re: Awe Struck

Friend M:

  I am both pleased and honored that the bracelet has brought you comfort and awareness of our Lords’ love and presence in your life during this very stressful illness you are enduring.  It is but a trinket to remind you to put and keep your faith in God’s perfect plan to prosper you.  We don’t know nor do we understand His process for our life but we must trust in Him especially when it is hardest on us.

My prayers for restoration of your health will continue because we are connected as Sisters in Christ. Your willingness to share the bracelet in faith and compassion for others reflects your awareness of the connection we all need to cultivate with Jesus Christ and each other.

Yes, I will provide our mutual friend J with the outreach bracelets that you have requested.  Feel free to request more as you recognize that your Hope and Trust in GOD can be shared with others through witness and prayer.  I know I have.

Thank you for the privilege of being of service to you.  May God Bless you strongly this day.

Your Sister in Christ, K


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Subject: Awe Struck

Dear K

 I am at a lost for words over your generosity and kindness.  Truly, I am struggling not to break down in tears over your Be Still and Let God gift.  The bracelet is gorgeous and I haven’t taken it off.  The passages are inspiring and I read them daily.  What an incredible gift from a “stranger” with special connections through your family and J.  I am so humbled by your gifts and prayers for my healing.  Honestly, it breaks my heart and I am so inspired by you.  You are truly a messenger of God.  I can’t even begin to thank you, but I can pray for you and ask God to bless you and your family.  

I would like to share your beautiful gift with a friend of ours who is struggling with cancer herself.  I gave J some money to purchase 2 of these gifts.  I would love to have them for a divine appointment to bless others.  I understand you see our friend on Mondays.  Maybe this would be possible if you have some in stock.  

Thank you – you are an Angel of God