New home owner with her matching quilt

            Katrina 2008 Outreach

     Our church sent a quilt down with each of our six teams to help Samaritan’s Purse build homes in Mississippi for those who had lost them during the Katrina Hurricane.  One quilt went to woman who was not a Christian and could not figure out what to wear that morning.  The quilt given to her matched the colors she was wearing. 

Laura receiving her quilt

A neighbor, Laura, of another new home owner a different team was working on, was having her double-wide trailer worked on by  a different Christian group.  Two days before receiving the quilt, Laura’s only quilt was damaged and thrown out when it was accidentally used to clean up when the water heater broke down and flooded the trailer.  When our group heard that, they decided that God had a different purpose for the second quilt and gave it to Laura instead of the second home that they were working on.  Laura was baffled that the quilt matched the hand painted border they had just completed painting in the bedroom.   She went to church that evening even though she had turned her back on God after all of the destruction and death from Katrina.

     On the same trip the 15 passenger van caring our crew went off the expressway heavily loaded with tools and was air born for 30 yards and dropped 25 feet into a ravine.  The van did not flip; no deaths or permanent injuries resulted from that accident.

Cancer in Church Community

Jerry and Terry with their quilt with Diane in the middle

     Jerry had fourth stage lung cancer and had lost a lot of weight.  He was not a smoker and was entering a drug research program a few weeks after we gave him his quilt.  That was back in April of 2009.  I’m blessed to say that Jerry has gained his weight back, is out hunting again and is currently in remission.  His wife Terry introduced us to her friend from the First Baptist Church of Clare MI and that’s how we started sewing pillowcase dresses and pinless diapers for the Haiti Care Mission.  You never know what God has up His sleeve, but it’s always for your goodPrison Ministry Outreach

Brother John with his quilt

Brother John is a former inmate who turned his life over to the Lord.  Even though he has little, he gives back in a huge way to the community.  He visits the local jails and prisons in Detroit to speak life, hope, and Jesus into the inmates.  He also teaches a men’s bible study in the community.  He will empty his pockets for those in need even though it may have been his last dollar in his pocket.  We wanted to bless and encourage John in his steadfast work for the Lord.  Along with the quilt we gifted him with some cash which we know will not stay in his pocket, and bags of food for a few feasts.  He was so excited to show what God can do and how prayers can be answered, that we went and got one of his neighbors and showed him how God touched others hearts for Brother John, one who has a heart like Him.