Do you know that the bible has 68 verses about celebrating?  As groups, we need to take time out when we are serving others to celebrate what God has done through us, and praise the great friendships and fellowship that has resulting from serving Him.  We have so much fun using or craft talents, that sometime we forget how much a simple gift from a stranger with bible verse can lift others up.

     We set aside the anniversary of when our group started, Christmas, and a summer get together to focus on God’s gift to us and through us.  We keep a scrapbook to encourage us as well as new comers.  We capture God moments, which are things that are beyond our control like: bible verse being just read or studied prior to gifting, bible verse used is family or life verse of individual, colors match what’s being worn or matches a room colors, healings, timing of giving, prayers answered.  We’ll include photos and tahnk you cards and pieces of material used for the craft in a book.

     Cake and cookies help too.  God did invent taste buds, sugar, and flour.  As we are reflecting on where we came from, we’ll take turns telling of what touched us the most the last few months or the last year to each other.  We have even had women be saved, baptised, and started bringing family to church because of joining us with our crafts.

     Celebrate the friendships formed.  When others bring their children, it blesses us who’s children are grown.  We can also bless the parent’s by giving them a little break and pouring into their child.  It is such and uplifting time together to celebrate God and His gifts to us and others.