Why crafts?  Why not.  Crafting for Jesus is a great focal point for a group to get together, similar to what women used to do when they would get together and quilt.  This provides a nice way to get together and have face time other than shopping or getting together to eat, which can get expensive and add pounds.  It’s nice to have time set aside for fellowship and purpose while teaching, learning, and lifting others up. 

     We can use our bodies and our crafts to give comfort to others using God’s Words.  Just because we have fun, doesn’t mean it’s not valued by others and God.  Worship is not limited to church or prayers.  We have a Living God who loves action.  Don’t forget He is the Creator and made us in His image, so it should not be a surprise to anyone that He loves when His children emulate Him and create.

     Our crafts have sewing ideas and ways for groups to work together to make dresses out of pillowcases, diapers, parachutes for bibles, and quilts, just to name a few.  We also have yarn crafts for making items for preemies, comforting the elderly, and letting others know they are not alone.  Jewelry making is a fun and nice way to witness, give comfort, and God’s Word to others.

     These crafts have been field tested and have skill level and material costs.  Please feel free to use these designs.    We’ve added pdf files to print the directions.  All we ask is that you include bible verse, a cross, and or the name Jesus.  Give us feed back so we can share with others on our God Stories page.  Each craft has step by step directions and photos and sources for supplies.  The majority of our supplies are from JoAnn Fabrics and Crafts.  Costs can be reduced even more with use of store coupons or receiving donated material.  

    Your creations can be used for Local or Global Outreach as well as fundraisers.  Please contact us with any questions, corrections, or new projects that you would like to share on the Comments page.