Getting Started

     The first thing to do is to pray and ask for guidance and help in setting up a crafting ministry.  Sit down, think through, and start writing down what you ministry will look like.  This will be the start of a ‘business plan’ for the elders or head of the woman’s ministry to look at.  Being associated with a church provides a large room to meet, possible storage, seed money, funding, and a pool for members and donations.  It’s also helps to have names or charities directed from the church so as not to be perceived as an exclusive club.

     While we did this some of us started taking turns at meeting at each other’s homes.  This provided us time to make up samples, discuss what our group would and would not be, and determine where we would start first.  This file What Makes Grace Full Quilts Different is for a quilting ministry that wanted to explain how we were different from other quilting ministries that are available on the Internet. 

     In your ‘business plan’ to a church or to your future members, write  down how often you would meet, what your meetings would look like, and who you would donate the crafts to and why.  To do a ‘bump’ for Jesus make sure a cross and bible verse accompanies the crafts. 

     Make sure to keep track of what you do for accountability and for encouragement to members.  we keep a scrap book which we can a God Journal that has photos of the crafts with thank you cards, bible verse, and scraps of material.  This reminds us of the people and community we are touching.  We also will send out emails to members and those that have made donations with pictures of the finished crafts with the person receiving our gift. 

     The sooner you start or join an existing group, the sooner you can start crafting for Jesus and enjoying the joy of giving.  I know it does not make world sense, but it is better to give than to receive.  There is peace and joy in having the focus of reaching out and touching others.