Home Schooling

    Welcome, our vision is to provide an avenue to teach children how to use their hands with crafts and then experience the joy of giving and thinking of others.  These crafts can also be used to sell for fundraisers. 

     The goal is to have detailed cost sheets to show basic business costing information to determine break even points, inventory and selling prices for profits.  See Jesus bracelet costs as an example.

     The profits can be tithed at any percent to any local church or Christian Outreach in your community or can be selected from this site or others.  Who knows what skills or seeds you will be planting with some of these simple ideas.

     You never know, you may be laying the foundation for the next for profit charity organization like Blake Mycoskie who created TOM Shoes.  Check him and TOM Shoes out at  http://www.toms.com/movement-one-for-one

     Please let us know how you were able to use this site for teaching and helping others and send us some photos or video so we can add you and your child to our God Stories section.