Original Costs & Products

     Original Costs is a two page breakdown of the supplies and costs required to make the original bracelet with pearls and the heart charm.  Please note that this was created January 2011 so costs may change over time.  The cost per bracelet with bible verse cards and envelope is $2.31, but what you pay is dependant on how many bracelets you want to make and if items are purchased on line in bulk.  If you only make five bracelets and do not use the left over products for anything else, each bracelet will cost $7.84.  To reduce costs don’t forget about using store coupons and taking advantage of sales to stock up.  This page contains the same information that is in the Original Costs PDF file.  All items are purchased at Joann Fabrics unless otherwise noted. 

7 mm alpha beads

      The first thing that needs to be done is to figure out the scope of the project.  Do you want to make five or fifty?  If five or less then it’s best to purchase alphabet beads locally.  We selected the value pack at Micheal’s Craft due to the price and quality.  There are 500 pieces which is enough to make 5 bracelets.  This pack has the entire alphabet.  $7.99 + $.48 (tax)  = $8.47/5 = $1.69 per bracelet for letter beads purchased locally

     If you want to make 50 then you can purchase only the letters used in quantities of 50.  http://www.beadsrfun.com/Letter-Beads-Number-Beads-Charms-6x6mm-Plastic-Letter-Beads-Cube/c257_403/index.html $1.25 per pack of 50 count individual 6 mm letter beads plus tax plus shipping (1- B, 2-E, 2-U, 1-S, 2-T, 1-I, 3-L, 1-G, 1-O, 1-D) for 13 bags of letters is $16.25 plus $2.58 US Postal First Class Mail.  $16.25 + $2.58 = $18.83/50 = $.38 per bracelet for letter beads ordered on line.
The hearts can be purchased locally with a limit of red for $.63 or can be purchased in bulk online for $.30.  A 12 mm 16” string of red millefiori hearts is  $8.16 at http://www.firemountaingems.com/details.asp?PN=H201302DG
The pearls make for a nice classic look and remind us of God’s Word being pearls of wisdom.  
. . . the kingdom of heaven is like a merchant looking for fine pearls.  Matthew 13:45 
This is an inexpensive bracelet to bring to mind the bible verses that are packaged with it.  You’ll have to use a large blunt tapestry needle to clear out the holes in these pearls that get plugged with the coating.  This coating will wear off with some people resulting in a cloudy white plastic bead.  If this is a concern then check out the Modern Version page.
     Tools make all the difference in doing it right, with ease, the first time.  If you are only making a few you may want to go to Time & Money Savers to eliminate the need for some of the tools.  The 12″ paper trimmer can be replaced with scissors, but you’ll have difficulty getting a straight clean cut for the bible verses.