Time Savers

From the fruit of their lips people are filled with good things, and the work of their hands brings them reward. Proverbs 12:14

Tools and organization make all the difference for success, speed, robustness, and enjoyment. This is a ministry at our church where women meet, talk about God and the blessing of the families dedicating their children to the Lord by making these bracelets. We have made over a 100 and have found ways to cut the costs and improve efficiency.

For organization, we use a jewelry making case with curved bottom for easy removal of beads. This has 20 compartments. The letters are arranged in the case as they spell out the words, so that we have the ‘s’ in three different compartments for ‘Jesus loves me’. Another compartment holds the crimp beads in a small resealable bag that the letters came in and the rest of the compartments are filled with the pony beads.

The instructions show using a 1/4″ hand held hole puncher, that looks like pliers, to punch the holes for holding the bracelet in the card. This requires folding the card gently and having a good eye in placing the paper in only half of the punch. Frustration occurs when too much is punched and you get a double hole looking like and eight instead of a circle. To resolve this, we use a paper punch with a hammer and a self healing cutting mat.  We used the largest hole size available, and a few hits with shifting the tool, results in quick perfect holes each time.  The punch was $5, an size hammer will work, and the mat was about $10.  The mat can be replaced with a quilting rotary cutter mat.

    Craft stores sell a tray for making bracelets that have depressions for storing beads as well as measurements.  There are also four grooves so four bracelets can be made at the same time.