Heart Cross Necklace

These simple crosses remind us about God’s Son, (Jesus the word made flesh) and how much we are loved by God and Jesus.  Packaged in a velum envelope and secured with a silver ribbon bow is a cross necklace and six cards printed on card stock with bible verses.

When giving this cross to others, encourage them to place the bible verse cards where they can be seen throughout the day: on a dresser, counter, mirror, in the car or wallet.

These make great Christmas, Easter, and Baptism presents and go quickly at fundraisers.  If donating the proceeds to Missionaries, place a little card in the envelope stating the name of the Missionary, their work, location, and how to contact them.

We have even worn the necklace and carried the verses with us and used it to comfort others that we run into, be it shopping or at a Doctor’s office.  It’s a conversation piece as to what it says and is a great opening to share how life is different with Jesus in your life.  Stress how you have a personal relationship with Jesus and how this is not works or belonging to a specific religion.  Religion is man’s attempt to reach God and can turn people away from the

All of the material can be found at JoAnn Fabrics.   For costs and products go to heart cross costs.  Here are the pdf files to print the Heart cross Instructions shown below and the Cross cards.  Don’t forget to say prayers for the one receiving these to be reminded of God’s love for us and Him sending His Son Jesus, the word (bible) made flesh.