Costs & Products

    Men’s wrist costs is a two page breakdown of the supplies and costs required to make the “Be still, let God” wrist band.  Please note that this was created February 2011 so costs may change over time.  The cost per finished and packaged wrist band is $4.49, but what you pay is dependant on how many bands you want to make, if items are purchased online in bulk, and how long you want to spread out paying for your one time tooling costs.  If you only make six bands and do not use the left over products for anything else, each band will cost $16.38.  To reduce costs don’t forget about using store coupons and taking advantage of sales to stock up.  This page contains the same information that is in the Men’s wrist costs PDF file.  All items are purchased at Joann Fabrics unless otherwise noted. 

Sold in mixed sets of six

      The first thing that needs to be done is to figure out the scope of the project.  Do you want to make six or sixty?  The more supplies ordered online reduces the cost because the shipping and handling charge may be the same for one or multiple sets of six leather bands.  The leather bands are sold in packs of six while the Jesus fish charm is sold in packs of twenty online from Fire Mountian Gems.

      The word charms are made using Shrinky Dinks for computer printers.  This is a great product and  has come a long way since we were children and now is available for use with the computer.  Make sure you get the one with the dog on it since they make other products that can not be run through the printer.  The charms have been formatted here for you so all you have to do is print it on the Shrinky Dinks.  Print it as draft on a piece of paper first to make sure you do not have to tweet it for your printer.  This can be purchased at Michael’s Crafts or online at

Reduce Cost by Eliminating Tools –   Tools make all the difference in doing it right, with ease, the first time.  If you are only making a few you may want to eliminate the need for some of the tools.  The 12″ paper trimmer can be replaced with scissors, but you’ll have difficulty getting a straight clean cut for the bible verses.  The word charms can be cut out by hand eliminating the Large Oval Squeeze Punch.

    Here is a short video showing how easy it is to cut out the word buttons using paper punches.  As you can see the oval punch is well worth the expense.