Costs, Products & Tips

     Ring costs is a one page breakdown of the supplies and costs required to make the plastic rings.  Please note that this was created February 2011 so costs may change over time.  The cost per finished  ring is $.34, but what you pay is dependant on how many rings you want to make, if items are purchased online in bulk, and how long you want to spread out paying for your one time tooling costs.  There are enough supplies to make 66 rings.  If you use the supplies to make 66 rings each ring will cost $.68.  To reduce costs don’t forget about using store coupons and taking advantage of sales to stock up.  This page contains the same information that is in the ring cost PDF file.  All items are purchased at Joann Fabrics unless otherwise noted.

           The rings are made using Shrinky Dinks for computer printers.  This is a great product and  has come a long way since we were children and now is available for use with the computer.  Make sure you get the one with the dog on it since they make other products that can not be run through the printer.  The Fruit & Be still have been formatted here for you so all you have to do is print it on the Shrinky Dinks.  This will give you three size 5 rings, five size 8, and three size 10 rings.  Print it as draft first on a piece of paper to make sure you do not have to tweet it for your printer.  Shrinky Dinks can be purchased at Michael’s Crafts or online at

Reduce costs by eliminating some of the tools.  I love tools and the ease of doing a project quickly and consistently with the use of tools.  The Fiskars Corner Squeeze Punch can be eliminated and you can round off the corners with scissors. 

Replace the Revlon Lipstick for the size 8 with a tube shape you have at home.  Here is a paper ring sizer that you can use as you look around the house and see what you have,

Tips – We used a toaster oven and set it to 300°F.  The plastic is hot when removed and must be shaped immediately.  If you don’t like the shape or are too slow, place it back in the oven to flatten out and start again.  Don’t force it or you’ll snap the plastic apart.

Place the plastic upside down so you can roll it into shape as soon as it is removed from oven.  Cover with parchment paper to reduce curling.  Here’s a video showing you how to shape the ring.