Making Memory Bears

We have added Memory Bears under Crafts/Sewing.  This is a great way of comforting others by making a teddy bear out of the loved ones clothing.  Check out the easy to follow detailed directions as well as the video showing how easy it is to use a rotary cutter and foamcore board as templates to replace scissors and pins.

I had never heard about memory bears until a friend asked for help.  She had lost her much loved mother around Thanksgiving and wanted to gift the ten adult grandchildren with memory bears.  These are teddy bears made out of the clothing of a loved one.  Some sites on the web will make these with the person’s name, date of birth, and date of death.  We wanted to celebrate her live, going to heaven, and give those left behind permission to enjoy the first Christmas without her.

God is good and inspired us to put His Word on a heart that we ironed onto the bears.  We used ‘Do everything with love. 1 Corinthians 16:14 NLT’  This soon became a labor of love that we called the ’10 Bears of Christmas’.  We were able to make and deliver a bear a day to our friend.  We would go to her office and leave them on her chair, on the desk, and even stuffed one in her mailbox.  He looked so cute with his head and one arm sticking out.  One day I got there a little too late and the office was dark and locked.  I looked up and said, “God you told me to do this so how am I going to get this bear on her chair?”  As soon as I asked, the assistant to the Top Dog popped out of the bathroom.  I explained what I was doing and how I wanted to get into that office.  She had a pass key that just happen to work.  She did not even know if it would work until she tried it.  I told her she was an answer to a prayer.  I left out some of the sarcasm that was in my voice when I asked Him for help, sorry about that God.  Even though the task seemed impossible to do, we were able to get all ten bears done in time.  Originally we committed to two so at least a photo could be placed in a card with a delivery date after Christmas.

The bears worked perfectly in God’s plan for this family.  Our friend told us that her father had found a hand written note in their bible.  The wife had jotted down moments in her life that God was there for her and her family.  She also wrote down scripture addresses next to each event or family miracle.  She finished up the note with a statement of life filtering down to love and doing everything with love.  The father had the letter restored and make copies with the bible verses added to the addresses for each of her children.  Our friend then followed that up with distributing the bears to the grandchildren.

This was done at a Christmas party on the 23rd.  This allowed for celebration of a loved ones life, her love of the Lord and family, and no doubt that she was in heaven.  It also cleared the way to celebrate Christmas and the love that God showed us by sending down His one and only begotten son with joy.  We enjoyed Christmas more by showing others love and found time to make the bears by not putting up secular decorations and then having the task of taking them down.

My prayer is that others will get together and make these bears with bible verse to comfort others that are left behind when their loved ones go on to heaven.  This would be a fun ministry to start at a church and would bring joy to all.

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