It’s sometimes daunting getting started because there are so many hurting people.  Where do you start?  Can you really make a difference?  It’s easy to become paralyzed into inactivity.  Some people are waiting to figure out the one big purpose or mission in their life that God has for them.  Maybe He doesn’t have one big thing but a lot of little things that the world may not value, but will bump someone closer to Him.

We started with looking at members of our church that we struggling with cancer, loss of a loved one, and shut ins.  Then we heard of a need for preemie hats, wraps and isolette (incubator) covers.  Some of us started carrying the ‘Be still, let God’ bracelets with bible verse and gave them with our testimony to those who asked about the bracelet that we wore.  Then we heard of the Detroit revival that City Mission http://city-mission.org/  was doing and gifted them with mittens for the children and prayer quilts for the staff.

You don’t have to pick the perfect project to serve God, just do something now.  Once you get started, people, donations, and people to help will start gravitating your way.

Think of teaching your craft at a women’s shelter, after school program, or an assisted living home.  Gift others with time.  Give them purpose.

Another way to help locally is to use some of these crafts as a fundraiser at your local fair or even at a flea market.  Every little bit helps.

Here are ideas to help get started locally with one , groups, or globally.  Start your God adventure today and remember he is bigger than we are.  It doesn’t have to be big or small, just step out in faith and Jesus will do the rest.