Start each meeting with a prayer and close with a prayer.   We like to hold hands and thank God for the people and donations that He has sent our way.   We are thankful for the ability to serve and have fun at the same time.  There are times that we will include requests for specific donations.  We always open and close with Thanks.  God gets enough people praying ‘give me’ so we try to keep that in mind. 

     We will also pray for family and friends and each other.  It helps to see that we are not the only ones with trials and burdens.  We usually pray for a few minutes.  If an individual needs more, then one of the leaders and a few others will join that person for prayer. 

     The prayer sets the tone for the crafting, to do it with joy and lift each other up, not tear any down.  Pray short and sweet, God doesn’t need a lot of flowery words which can deter the timid.  This is not a prayer contest.