For Others

     If we know who will receive the craft, we will write down the first name, age, and a sentence or two of what they need prayers for.  This goes with the project so as it is being working on we ask God to bless the person.   It’s amazing how doing and praying for others can put our lives in better perspective.  I now have joyous laundry days as I push buttons on my machines after sewing sturdy diapers for Haiti.  They have no machines and wash with stones in rivers.

     We prepare a card and write down prayers  and bible verse to go along with the craft.  The written prayers of strangers offering a hand made gift sometimes is  more valued that the gift as it should be.  I like to think of the craft as a door opener for the praying and comforting.

     Work with the church for selecting who you will be praying for and gifting.  This will prevent others from labeling the group as exclusive, and will prevent the heartache of rejection.  Hurting people without God, hurt others.