We have designed these patterns to eliminate the paper pattern, pinning, and scissors.  All directions use geometric shapes with dimensions.  Speed and accuracy can be achieved with use of a rotary cutter, ruler and cutting mat used for quilting.  The great thing about using these tools is the ability to cut multiple layers at a time.

If you are not familiar with these quilter tools ask your friends and neighbors if they are quilters and will show you or go to a quilting store for a demonstration.  JoAnn Fabrics has a starters kit with the cutter, ruler, and cutting mat at a savings.  Combined with one of their 40% coupon and your scissor hand will thank you.

You can even cut curves with a rotary cutter by using a small diameter blade and a pattern cut out of foam core board to use as a cutting guide or template.  Here are the instructions that make cutting foam core board easy and quick.  Since you will be using your sewing machine as a jig saw to cut the foam cord board, make sure you have your machine serviced regularly and clean and oil after each use.  If this in not your machine, get permission first.  The video below shows how to cut foamcore board for the pillowcase arm hole template.


This is what is used to cut the 22″ diameter parachutesthat are used to drop Spanish bibles and short wave radios into the jungles of Columbia.  Patterns were also made for the soft dolls and the Scotty Dogs.  A foam core board pattern is used for the arm hole of the pillowcase dress and much more.

Rotary cutting of the Memory Bear is shown below.  As you’ll see this extends the life of the patterns, eliminates pinning, and is fast and easy on your hands.