Prayer Shawl

“ . . . you are to make tassels on the corners of your garments, with a blue cord on each tassel. . . so you will remember all the commands of the Lord, that you may obey them and not prostitute yourselves by chasing after the lusts of your own hearts and eyes. Then you will remember to obey all my commands and will be consecrated to your God.” Numbers 15:38 – 40

We sometimes forget that Jesus was a Jewish Rabbi, and not just an ordinary one, but one with ‘Shemikhah’, the rarest and highest level of a Rabbi with the authority to interpret Torah.  Most Rabbis could only teach portions of the Torah and those of a high standing could teach the entire Torah (first five books of the bible), but they did not have authority to interpret Torah.  Some had approval to quote interpretations of prior ‘Shemikhah’ Rabbis.

The blue used was a sky blue.  It is no longer used because the dye formula has been lost over time.  It was used in Jesus’ time.  A day laborer would not have worn tassels on his garments during the work week, but would have them on his garment on Sabbath.  A Rabbi, Pharisee, and Teaches of the Law, would have worn garments with tassels all the time.

Below are the cutting and sewing information and are detailed in the prayer shawl directions.

Below are directions for making two different colors of prayer shawl.  The burgundy can be worn with the robe only.  The neutral works well with a burgundy coat over the robe.  Different styles are useful when having Jesus interact with the Pharisees and the Teachers of the Law.