Costs & Products

     Bear Costs is a one page breakdown of the supplies and costs required for this project.  Please note that this was created January 2011 so costs may change over time.  The cost per bear is $3.75, but what you pay is dependant on how many bears you make.  If you only make two bears and do not use the left over products for anything else, each bear will cost $22.21.  To reduce costs don’t forget about using store coupons and taking advantage of sales to stock up.  This page contains the same information that is in the Bear Costs PDF file.  All items are purchased at Joann Fabrics unless otherwise noted.

Simplicity #5461

    To start out, we purchased the Simplicity Craft #5461 bear pattern and used the patterns for the 18″ bear.  In business terms this would be a tooling cost.  Please respect the work and time that went into making these fine patterns and directions and respect the intellectual properties by not copying and redistributing this among your group.  If you have more than one person cutting, then purchase additional patterns.  To do otherwise is stealing.   $13.95 + $.84 tax = $14.79

Fairfield 32 oz. fiberfill

     The actual fabric for the bears will be made out of the clothing.  The easiest way is to request an outfit that the loved one wore, like a pant and shirt, or blouse and skirt.  This will have the contrast required between the fabrics and offer a choice when making the bear.  You don’t want the details of the eyes, nose and mouth lost on too busy or too dark of fabric choice.  We used 100% polyester fiberfill to fill the bear and got three bears per bag with a little left over.  $5.99 + $.36 tax = $6.35 x 1/3= $2.12 per bear

Iron on to make heart

     PrintWorks makes Dark T-Shirt Transfers that you can use with your printer.  There are 5 sheets per pack.  Using bear heart a pdf file, 15 hearts can be printed per sheet.  This is sold at Targets.  Other stores sell similar products, but the quality is less.  Parchment paper is included with instructions.  75 hearts can be made with one pack.   $10.89+ $.66 (tax) = $11.55/(5 x 15) = $.16 per bear

Animal Eyes

    Safety eyes are a must and give the bears a softer look.  These are plastic with a dark center and a brown iris and are attached with push on rivets from the back during the sewing process.  Once on, they are very difficult to remove.  A sewn on button eye can easily fall off or be chewed off causing a choking hazard.  $.99 + $.06 (tax) = $1.05/2 = $.53 per bear

Fabric glue

The nose is made out of black craft felt which is sold in 9″ x 12″ sheets.  It is 100% polyester and is machine wash and dry and is attached to the bear with fabric glue.  $.29 + $.02 (tax)= $.31 x 1/40= $.01 per bear

     Fabri-tac is a fabric adhesive that can be machine wash and dry.  Think of it as a cold hot glue gun.  A little goes a long way and is used to glue the nose onto the bear.  $3.99 + $.24(tax)= $4.23 x 1/100= $.04 per bear

     The mouth is drawn on with a fabric marker by Tee-Juice.  $2.99 + $.18 (tax) = $3.17 x 1/50 = $.06 per bear

Black fine line marker for fabric

     And last but not least is the 1 1/2″ wide gold wire ribbon which is sold on a roll with a 9 feet length for  $2.79 (3 bears per roll) $2.79 + $.17 (tax)=$2.96 x 1/3= $.99 per bear