Russell Stendal, a missionary in Columbia, has been delivering Christian literature for 22 years in Columbia to change the hearts and minds of the FARC guerrillas which have been waging war for over 40 years with village leaders, pastors, and business leaders.  To learn more about Russell go to

Follow the instructions below to make a chute. Send finished parachutes to:

VOM Parachutes
1815 SE Bison Road
Bartlesville, OK 74006

Please include $5 with each chute to help pay for books, airplane fuel, and shipping costs.

Voice of the Martyrs now sells a package for $10 to make ten parachutes that has fabric and replaces the sewing with using their glue.  Go to if you want to use their kits.

To print the following directions use this pdf file Parachutes 1. For a foam cord template to use with rotary cutting use Parachute Template  Here is short video to show you how to fold and cut the fabric using a template and a rotary cutter.