We can use fabric and our hands to give a God hug with a quilt.  Remember when you were little and your blanky got you through scary times when Mom or Dad wasn’t there?  Our simple quilts with God’s Word printed on them can get others through scary times like lost of health, lost of loved ones, or feeling all alone.  They may need a tangible way to feel God’s love for them.   It also reminds them of the grace (unearned favor) God has given them as they wrap themselves in their ‘blanky’ made by strangers. 

     While they read our prayers for them along with the card insert , they know God loves them and has not forgotten and for a moment may feel safe in their Father’s loving arms.

     A quilt is not as scary to make as it looks, especially when there are many hands to help.  Even if you have never sewn before, you, your child, or mother can help.  We strive for completion not perfection.   God’s grace (unearned favor) spills all over the place.  We have so much fun making the quilts that the laughter draws others in to see what we are up to.  We are flawed and discarded like some of our donated fabric, but with God and a little tender love, it’s amazing what turns out.

     To help you get started, check out the guidelines that we have to help define what a quilting group can do.  We love using these quilts as a way of getting the Word out of the bible and into peoples hands and heart.  It’s amazing with a little practice and the tools available, what can be done.  Check out  printing verses for these tricks and tools of the trade.  The Waterfall Quilt is a quick and easy way to make a quilt using seven fat quarters.  It’s a different twist on quilting because the fabric is sewn together first and then cut for further sewing.  There are no ‘points’ to line up.  The simple color approach will get you over your fear of fabric selection.

     Don’t forget the power of prayer for you as well as the person that will receive the quilt.  It’s amazing with prayer, the confidence that you get to continue on and not give up or get frustrated.  With a simpler approach to quilting and the layers involved, the finished produce is always more pleasing than the pieces and steps along the way.  The hand printing used for a signature block as well as the bible verses adds beauty as well as love.