We focus on completion, not perfection.  Use a larger variety of donated fabric with cheaper muslin or donated sheets.  Since these are not destined for museums, we focus on using larger pieces and do not use machine quilting which is time consuming, though beautiful.  The waterfall design is made with 6″ by 18″ pieces of fabric, not your typical 1″, 2″, or 4″ square.  This design has no points to line up reducing frustration of first time quilters.

     It’s best to make lap size quilts, anywhere from 36″ by 36″ to that of a crib size quilt 45″ by 70″.   Include a cross or a fish on the back of the quilt and a signature block with bible verse and a “This quilt was made for Jerry with prayers and love by the women of (your group name) from (your churches name) in the month and year the quilt was completed.

     For speed and symbolism, we join the layers of the quilts with knots that are made with crafting thread (heavier than embroidery thread) tied in a surgeon’s knot (square knot with double wrapping in each direction).  As each knot is tied a prayer is said for the individual, as well as when the quilt is being cut and sewn together.  A slip of paper with the first name, age , and prayer focus is kept with the quilt so we know what to pray for.  A generic get well card or ‘we are praying for you’ card is passed around for us to write some of our prayers down for the individual that will receive the quilt along with a card insert which gives a general description of the prayer quilt. 

     Encourage a multi generational approach and have women bring their mothers and mother in laws as well as children.  Some of the girls are as young as seven and will learn the same lessons taught by the mother better from a friend.  Some bring tween sons that join us in the opening and closing prayers and help load and unload our cars and closets.  Boys will be boys, so they don’t sew or quilt but do get words of encouragement from other adults.

     Keep a God Journal to remember the quilts and people that received them along with thank you cards, photos, and scraps of the left over fabric.  Write down some of the God moments such as receiving batting donations three weeks in a row after prayer, healings, the family bible verse or just studied bible verse being written on quilt, or colors matching individuals room.

     Here are some more comparisons between our Jesus focused quilting group versus other national quilting prayer groups.