Sleeping Mat

     When your world is rocked by earthquakes, it’s hard to trust that the buildings will not fall down.  It may take months or longer before a child will feel safe to sleep in a building again, if they are blessed enough to have one to live in.

These sleeping mats are simple quilts that can be made water resistant with the addition of a vapor barrier.  We’ve added ties and a shoulder strap to make carrying these easy.  Why you ask?  The few places for sleeping are not always secure, so anything of value left behind during the day is stolen.

Consider talking to your church about vacuum packing some of these mats and taking them on their next Missions trip.  These mats can also be made for local outreach for the homeless children in your area.  It’s so sad to say that with all of our prosperity, our country does have children that travel with their homeless parent.

Think of the possibilities of making these and selling them to cover the cost of two at a Moms to Moms sale.  This way the selling price will cover the cost of the one sold as well as one being sent to a child in need.  Sleeping mats are great to have at day care or preschool classes.  This would also be a great project for a local Home economics class or to be done to earn Sewing and Serving badges.

Go to directions to get started with free patterns.   A cost and tips section will help, especially if you want to use this as a teaching lesson or to sell as a fundraiser.