Fabric – Use cotton, blends, and polyester.  Check out interior decorators for use of their old sample swatches.  Even though they are marked dry clean only and are stiffer for upholstery, once through the washing machine and dryer will soften them and make them quilt friendly.  These make some of the most beautiful quilts and are free. 

Thread – We use black, white or unbleached double duty polyseter thread.

Batting – Use 48″ (crib size) 100% polyester light weight, 2.4 – 3 oz.  This makes handling and shipping easier.  Donated blankets work well.

Backing – Muslin and donated sheets work well.  Don’t be afraid to think outside the box and use polyester if you have it.

Binding – We use 3″ strips of fabric that are not cut on the bias, we’re not sewing any curves.  Fold the fabric in half and iron right sides out.  Sew the binding 3/8″ to the edge with the top side down.  Flip over and fold the binding to cover the edges and top stitch using the running stitch set to the widest for a fast and fun finish.

Eliminate Hand Sewing – Machine sew the cross and signature block on the backing before joining the layers.  If some of the women enjoy hand sewing, let them.

Have Fun – Remember you are striving for completion, not perfection.  Simpler designs, more variety of fabrics, and God’s word, will outshine any mistakes.