Scotty Dogs

    Every little one needs a snuggy that they can hug.  It’s sad to say this might be the only hug they get.  Each dog has a ‘Jesus loves you’ heart tag or a ‘Jesus loves you’ label that is ironed on the collar to ‘bump’ them to Jesus. 

     The Scotty Dog Pattern is designed for rotary cutting with a little scissor help on the inner corners when patterns are made out of 3/8″ foam core board.  I found an easy way to cut the foam core board using your sewing machine and have made instructions.   There are no curves that require snipping of the fabric and no corners were trimmed as traditionally suggested in making stuffed animals. 

     To make the dogs for infants, replace the button eyes with eyes drawn on with a fabric dye pen or marker.  The heart dog tag will have to be replaced with an iron on label on the collar so it does not become a choking hazard.