Costs & Tips

Bag Costs is a one page breakdown of the supplies and costs required for this project. Please note that this was created May 2012 so costs may change over time. The cost per bag is $6.04, but what you pay is dependant on how many bags you make. If you only make one bag and do not use the left over products for anything else, it will cost $19.17. To reduce costs don’t forget about using store coupons and taking advantage of sales to stock up. This page contains the same information that is in the tote bag costs PDF file.  All items are purchased at Joann Fabrics unless otherwise noted.

The fabric is 100% cotton canvas and has a nice finished coating. On all other sewing projects, we recommend machine washing and drying before fabric is cut and sewn.  This is the only time we have used the fabric without laundering.  Iron with steam to help release some of the sizing to ensure a good bond with the iron on label.  The fabric cost is $3.64 + $1.13 = 4.77 per bag.

Target sells Dark T-Shirt Transfers that you can use with your printer. There are 5 sheets per pack. Using the Fruit of the Spirit, iron on transfer (a pdf file) 2 labels can be printed per sheet. Other stores sell similar products, but the quality is less. Parchment paper is included with instructions. 10 verse labels can be made with one pack. $11.99+ $.72 (tax) = $12.71/(5 x 2) = $1.27 per bag.  No coupons can be used for this, but the ease of separating the backing and thicker plastic is worth the cost.

We used a paper trimmer to have clean cut lines on the iron on verse label and rounded the corners with scissors.  The cutting of the fabric was done using quilter tools of a cutting mat, ruler, and a rotary cutter.  If you are only making a few bags, you can saving money by not using the paper trimmer or quilting tools.  If you know a quilter, see if you can borrow their tools or ask them to cut the fabric for you.