Yarn Crafts

      These crafts started when a friend was out of state awaiting the birth of her grandchild and a nurse saw her knitting.  The nurse told of the need of hats for the struggling preemies who lost so much heat through their heads.  No one made hats small enough and pinning a full term baby hat on did not work.  The smallest had a head the size of a golf ball.

     Soon after our friend contacted a local hospital and started knitting and crocheting what was needed but not available for these little ‘Gifts from God’, which all children are.

     My prayer is that extending the survival rate of these preemies will soften hearts about abortion.  The more people who see that these little ones can survive outside of the mother’s womb, may stop and change minds about abortion.

     The woman that started this knitting/crocheting God adventure with us has now started two additional groups.  It’s heartwarming that so many women can reach out to other women they may never meet with love to help struggling preemies with the gift of their hands.   Don’t be surprised if others are so inspired by what you are doing, that with donations, it will appear as if yarn is falling from the sky.

     In this category of crafts you’ll find free patterns and directions to help you get started with using your gifts and talents from God to help others.  There are plenty of other sites to teach knitting a crocheting, we want to give you ideas of how to craft for Jesus and have fellowship and teach others along the way.