Pocket Scarves

     We can easily get caught up in worldly things and loose sight of true value and love.  When this happens we die a little every day and feel valueless and used up.  Reaching out to widows, is a simple way of spreading God’s word and love through these scarves with pockets that start out with 8″ knitted or crocheted squares.  Here are the Pocket Scarf Directions that are shown below. 

     These are greatly appreciated by those in wheelchairs providing warmth without over heating the back like sweaters and a place to keep things organized; glasses, tissues, keys, and TV control. 

     This is a fun group project that lets everyone’s gifts shine; some make the squares, some join them, some do the printing, while others do the sewing and delivery.  Personalizing the scarves with bible verse and their name, let’s them know God is there for them and they matter and are loved.

     There are a lot of great web sites for learning to knit and crochet so I’m not even going there.  My favorite in Martha Stewart for her clean illustrated easy to follow instructions for knitting and crocheting a granny square.  The nice thing about a granny square is that you start in the middle, can use up scrap pieces of yarn and only have to measure toward the end.