Preemie Wraps

     Some of these little miracles of God weigh under 1.75 pounds and are called micro preemies.  Heat control is so important so they are not stressed.  It helps to have something small enough to swaddle them, but not so large that they become lost or tangled up in fabric.  Their feet have to be accessed for probes and IV’s as well as feeding tubes through their nose and breathing tubes.

     That’s why making as many knit tools available to the NICU is vital for them.  A smaller gage knitted or crocheted 15″ square is perfect for swaddling these little ones.  Please use baby soft yarn that is machine wash and dry.  There are so many patterns on the Internet so use your creativity and help each other learn new stitches as you make these wash cloth size wraps for these blessings.

     You’ll also bless the parents by giving their children some sense of normalcy in appearance by hiding or distracting from all the wires into their little ones.  It’s so sad that these size babies and larger are murdered.  We just call it abortion and choice to make it sound nicer.  While you are working on these, pray for the child and parents.  Show others what you are doing to make a difference and remind them of the millions of babies this size are being discarded, even though there are lines of people waiting years to adopt an infant.